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CategoriesSourceTopic/HeadlineFormatPublished Date
Climate MitigationSchatz Energy Research CenterDecarbonizing the Grid via Heat PumpsWeb Article8/26/20219/30/2021
Climate MitigationThe White HouseWebsite1/27/202110/18/2021
Climate MitigationCalifornia Dept. of Natural ResourcesExpanding Nature-Based SolutionsWebsite10/18/2021
Climate MitigationUnited Nations Framework Convention on Climate ChangeClimate Neutral NowWebsite10/18/2021
Climate MitigationNational Academy of Sciences, OnlineTemporal and spatial distribution of health, labor, and crop benefits of climate change mitigation in the United StatesReport11/16/202111/30/2021
Climate MitigationNASAReducing Emissions to Mitigate Climate Change Could Yield Dramatic Health Benefits by 2030Report11/17/202111/30/2021
Climate ResilienceBlue Lake RancheriaSustinability and Resilience: Timeline, Partnerships, RecognitionWebsite9/30/2021
Climate ResilienceSchatz Energy Research CenterRedwood Coast telecom resilienceWebinar11/3/20209/30/2021
EconomicsLisa Wise Consulting, Inc. and Humboldt State UniversityFishing Community Sustainability Plan, Eureka, CAReport10/1/201910/18/2021
Mapping & AnalysisNature ConservancyMarine Mapping ToolWebsite10/18/2021
Mapping & AnalysisConservation Biology InstituteData BasinWebsite10/18/2021
Mapping & AnalysisArcGISCalifornia 30x30 ViewerWebsite10/18/2021
Mapping & AnalysisConservation Biology InstituteCalifornia Offshore Wind Energy GatewayWebsite10/18/2021
Offshore WindBureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM)Morro Bay Call Extension Areas | Bureau of Ocean Energy ManagementWebsite10/18/2021
Offshore WindBureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM)Humboldt Wind Energy Area Draft Environmental Assessment and AppendicesReport1/11/2022
Offshore WindBureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM)Humboldt Wind Energy Area Final Environmental Assessment, Appendices, & Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)Report5/5/2022
Offshore WindBureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM)Proposed Sale Notice: Pacific Wind Lease Sale 1 for Commercial Leasing for Wind Power on the Outer Continental Shelf in CaliforniaReport5/20/2022
Offshore WindCORE HubCORE Hub PSN Comment LetterRPDF8/1/20228/1/2022
Offshore WindRedwood Coast Energy AuthorityRedwood Coast Offshore WindWebsite9/30/2021
Offshore WindSchatz Energy Research CenterExploring the Feasibility of Offshore Wind Energy for the California North Coast: A summary report of the 2020 webinar seriesReport12/1/20209/30/2021
Offshore WindSchatz Energy Research CenterOffshore wind energy (Overview Page)Website9/30/2021
Offshore WindSchatz Energy Research CenterOffshore wind energy – Schatz Energy Research CenterWebsite10/18/2021
Offshore WindCalifornia State Lands CommissionOffshore Wind Applications in State Waters | CA State Lands CommissionWebsite10/18/2021
Offshore WindCalifornia Coastal CommissionInformational Hearing on Offshore Wind DevelopmentPresentation9/9/202110/18/2021
Offshore WindCalifornia Coastal CommissionBOEM's Consistent Determination submitted to California Coastal CommissionReport4/7/2022
Offshore WindCalifornia Energy CommissionAB 525 Offshore Wind Initial ReportPDF5/9/2022
Offshore WindU.S. Natural Resources CommitteeSubcommittee Field Hearing: Power in the Pacific: Unlocking Offshore Wind Energy for the American WestPresentation9/8/2022
Offshore WindU.S. Wind Turbine DatabaseU.S. Wind Turbine Database ViewerWebsite11/1/2021
Offshore WindU.S. Coast GuardVessel Traffic Assessment: Near Point Mugu, San Francisco Bay, Humboldt Bay, and Morro Bay, CAWebsite2/25/2022
Policy & LegislationCalifornia Secretary of StateCalif. Assembly Bill No. 525Website9/24/202110/18/2021
Policy & LegislationCalifornia Secretary of StateCalif. Assembly Bill No. 72Website9/29/202110/18/2021
Renewable EnergyBureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) and the California Energy Commission (CEC)California Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Task Force Meeting FourPresentation7/13/202110/18/2021
VariesSchatz Energy Research CenterSustainable Futures speaker seriesWebsite9/30/2021
VariesSchatz Energy Research CenterRecent reports and publicationsWebsite9/30/2021
VariesIntergovernmental Panel on Climate ChangeAR6 Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science BasisReport10/18/2021
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