Community Benefits for Heavy Lift Marine Terminal at Port of Humboldt

Who We Are

The North Coast Offshore Wind Community Benefits Network (Network) is a diverse coalition of Tribal Nations, local government agencies and educational institutions, labor leaders, local community-based organizations, and community residents united in their belief that if our region hosts offshore wind development, it must equitably benefit our communities and contribute to a thriving region for generations to come.

Our Goals

The Offshore Wind Heavy Lift Marine Terminal at the Port of Humboldt will play an important role as a full service hub for the West Coast offshore wind industry. The Port of Humboldt has been identified by the State of California and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management as a uniquely positioned and ideal site for staging and integration, manufacturing and fabrication, and operations and maintenance. Given the port’s critical role in establishing a thriving offshore wind industry on the West Coast and the scale of the $1billion project, it is imperative that the project include strong and equity centered community benefits woven into project design, permitting and regulatory frameworks, and legally binding project agreements.

The Network is organizing to facilitate and secure strong community-driven benefits for the wind terminal project at the Port of Humboldt, as outlined below:

Investments In and Partnerships to Enhance Community Infrastructure and Services 

Develop a Community Benefits Fund for investments in vital community services and infrastructure Operational commitments as part of Wind Terminal design and buildout including commitments to community safety, electrification, and a Dig-Once Policy

Environmental Protection and Compliance

  • Establish and fund an Adaptive Management Committee; and support creation of the Offshore Wind Cluster Adaptive Environmental Management, Monitoring, and Mitigation Plan
  • Develop and operate a Zero-Emission Wind Terminal by 2030

Equitable Workforce and Economic Development

  • Establish and deliver on local and targeted hire goals for members of Tribal nations, women, people of color, and those with limited career opportunities in the regional construction workforce, support non-construction career pathways, and provide Provide “right of first refusal” to qualified applicants
  • Address on-the-job bullying and harassment and ensure community safety, including measures to address the risk of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Peoples

Community-Centered Decision-Making, Outreach, and Engagement

  • Develop and implement a Local Communities Long-Term Engagement Plan
  • Develop and implement, in partnership with local Tribal Nations, a Tribal Nations Engagement Framework

Local and Tribal Fisheries Protections

  • Develop a Humboldt Bay Fisheries Communications Plan and Fisheries Access Plan to reduce impacts to local fisheries from Wind Terminal and wind project support operations
  • Create a Humboldt Bay Water Safety Plan and Economic Displacement Reserve Fund
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