CORE Hub Learning Tour: Visit to Trinidad Dock and Beach

In September 2022, members of the Redwood CORE Hub joined key community and philanthropic partners for a three day tour of the Pacific Redwoods Region to learn about the ecology, history, climate, and resilience of the area. The following is a recap of some of the highlights from the tour.

Trinidad, CA
Speakers: Jacque Holster-Carmesin (CEO, Trinidad Rancheria); Ron Sundberg (Environmental Director)

The Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria was created in 1906 as a refuge for Native community members forced from their homes, including Yurok, Wiyot, Tolowa, Chetco, Karuk and Hupa people. The Trinidad Rancheria first purchased the Trinidad pier and beach in 2000. A whaling station prior to colonization in the early 1800s, the approximately nine-acre area consists of the Seascape Restaurant, pier, the commercial boat launcher and a parking lot.

One of the key questions that the Rancheria members had with the purchase of the pier was regarding water runoff and discharge and how to limit ground disturbance to the land. The Rancheria successfully worked with the city to address discharge which required a lot of clean up, and seven years of planning and construction which cost approximately $10 million to implement. They are now working to address parking lot runoff discharge. 

Future plans of the Trinidad Rancheria include creating an interpretive center and bait shop where an existing bait shop currently sits; working with the county to clean up environmental spills; and continuing to advocate for the importance of land return. Plans for future research include focusing on areas of history and biological significance, providing educational opportunities for information on climate change and resiliency, pursuing construction funding, and more.

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